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Thursday, Friday and Summer Classes
The Autumn term classes are held at 
The Rosary Room at Our Lady of the Rosary Yarnels Hill Botley

Thursdays  10 - 1 and 1.30 - 4.30    Fridays 10 - 1

Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 January 

Thursday 3 and Friday 4 February 

​Thursday 17 and Friday 18 February 

​Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March 

Thursday 17 and Friday 18 March 

Thursday 31 March and Friday 1 April 

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April

Thursday 12 and Friday 13 May 

Thursday 26 and Friday 27 May 

Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June 

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June 

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 July 

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 July 

I use a Doodle booking table so you can control your own bookings
The links for the each month will be released the beginning of the previous month so the link for September  will be released at the beginning of August and so on.
The booking table for the Summer Course is released approx 3 months in advance. 
If you wish to book or find out more please email me to go on my mailing list 
I teach everyone individually so the classes are suitable for all levels of experience but you do need a project to work on.   Ideas for projects are on the What you need for the classes page 
The last 5/10 minutes of both the morning and afternoon will be time for you to show your project and progress to the rest of the group and also for any relevant theories to be discussed. 
There is coffee, tea and especially nice biscuits available free throughout the sessions so you can break and revive whenever you need to.    

I do have COVID restrictions in place so we will work with windows and door open, keep distanced as much as possible, clean surfaces and tool and you will also be asked to wear a mask 
If you are staying for the full day you will need to bring your own packed lunch 
The sessions run from  10 - 4.30  and you can sign up for a half day, whole day or one and a half days
The morning runs from 10 - 1 and the afternoon from 1.30 - 4.30 giving us 30 mins for lunch.
The cost is £28 for half a day and £53 for a full day and £79 for a day and a half   You can leave your project over night if you are attending both days 
  Summer Course information

These courses run with a maxium of 11 students at a cost of £53 a day/ £28 door half a day They work in the same way as the other classes but also include some theory sessions on the history of upholstery and various aspects of upholstery that you may not cover in your own projects and there is also plenty of time to share knowledge and skills 
The dates are posted in the Spring 
 You can book for the full course or for one or more days.  
If you need to Cancel
If you cancel there will be no charge if you give me 3 weeks notice.  If you cancel between 1 and 3 weeks then half of the fee will be due and the full fee will be due with less than one weeks notice if I cannot fill your space.  If the space is filled there is no charge.   Please don't sign up unless you are pretty sure you will be able to make it.
    You can make the payment on the day or in advance  by cash, cheque or bank transfer